Youth Board

The Friends of Wings Youth Board is made up of high school students from throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

In an effort to grow participation and opportunities for students, as well as to support fundraising events on both sides of the river, we have established Youth Board groups in St. Louis and Illinois. 

The Youth Board meets monthly throughout the school year to plan a fundraiser fully planned, marketed and executed by the students. In addition, speakers and community leaders representing the Wings program and other prominent and interesting organizations, regularly come to the meetings. The goal is to impress upon the students the importance of service and charitable involvement as a leader in our city.

Members of the Youth Board also receive credits towards school service hour requirements and form friendships with kids from the entire area that last well into the future.

Applications are now being accepted thru September 15th, 2017 for the 2017-2018 school year. To receive more information about the St. Louis or Illinois Youth Boards or to request an Application Packet, please contact Alicia at 314.953.1662 or


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